Fahrenheit Winter Barley (Deficiens Type)

Description Date 2004
Updated not set


Ear - no. of rows2
Ear - glaucosityweak to absent
Ear - attitudehorizontal
Ear - awn length compared to earlonger
Ear - densitymedium
Pigment - awnsabsent
Pigment - lemma nervesabsent
Pigment - flag leaf auriclesabsent
first rachis segment
First rachis segment - lengthmedium
First rachis segment - curvaturemoderate
First rachis segment - margin hairssparse to moderate
Grain - rachilla hair typelong
Grain - rachilla lengthshort
Grain - inner lateral nerve spiculesabsent
Grain - ventral crease hairsabsent
Grain - lodiculescollar
Grain - aleurone colourwhite
additional character(s)
Additional character(s) - sheath hairspresent
first rachis segment
First rachis segment - widthmedium to narrow
First rachis segment - profilebent back
Grain - rachilla hair distributioneven
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